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Last updated: June 21, 2023

In a world of ever-increasing online gambling review websites, we wanted to create an all-around online gambling resource that can easily be accessed by anyone uncertain of where it’s safe to gamble online. No matter if you’re in the UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, or elsewhere, this website is intended to help you find the best and more importantly safest gambling sites online no matter what type of gambling you have in mind – we cover it all! (And if we haven’t yet, then we’re getting to it!).

Gambling Online Should Be Fun & Safe

As avid gamblers ourselves, we were determined to build iGamblingSites.com to be a leading resource to help others find new licensed gambling sites online. What spurred us on to get this site going is simple. We were fed up with seeing various other review sites constantly churning out artificial reviews (because they’re being paid to advertise the sites) and listing websites that we knew personally didn’t come up to par with what the general and unwitting public deserved.

And that is? To give you peace of mind when you gamble online. No one deserves to not get paid their winnings. No one deserves to play rigged slots. No one deserves to have their data sold. No one deserves to play with casino bonuses with Ludacris wagering requirements that’ll never see a payout. Just a few examples there, but trust us, awesome gambling sites exist out there that offer this fair gambling environment. These are the ones we want to see you play at, and these are the only ones that you’ll see published on this website.

Our Aim & Mission

As mentioned, we aim to help as many people as possible to find the most reliable and safest gambling site for their own personal requirements. We’ve made sure that our website is easy to use, no matter if you’re browsing on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Over 70% of gamblers prefer to bet on their mobile device, so for us, it’s important that this website is accessible to everyone. All of the gambling sites, including online casinos and betting sites, that we recommend can be enjoyed on all devices and platforms.

We cover a broad range of articles to ensure you will be able to find the gambling topic you’re looking for. We like to think that our articles are full of useful information, relevant advice, and beneficial strategy.

Keeping Up-to-date With iGaming Trends, Legalities & Regulations

Legalities can be a minefield. The law is constantly changing in this industry, so we report on all relevant changes and updates as soon as they happen, so you can check that you are gambling online legally where you reside. What’s more, new sites are constantly opening, older ones closing that it’s often hard to keep up to date! But, we’ve got it all in hand and we’ll publish any changes as soon as they happen.

Responsible Gambling Is 100% Important To Us

Just recently, we’ve been seeing trending topics that some websites don’t have responsible gambling etiquette quite right. As a gambling resource and knowing that gambling can be very addictive, we feel it’s our responsibility and duty to promote responsible gambling. This goes for listing gambling sites that are on Gamstop only. Gamstop is a co-government self-exclusion scheme. You won’t find casinos or gambling sites here that are not on Gamstop because that’s not what we’re about.

Gamstop is intended to help those who want to self-exclude from all UK gambling sites that have a problem with gambling. We, therefore, won’t ever add a casino or gambling site that accepts those with problem gambling (i.e. those trying to outsmart the Gamstop scheme) because that’s just not what we stand for.

Who Are We? Let's Tell You A Little Bit About Ourselves

iGamblingSites.com exists in the format it is today thanks to a hardworking team of 4 that have years of knowledge and experience in the iGaming industry. Combined, that number is over 50, so we don’t mind being called old-timers or veterans!

The bonus of all this knowledge and experience is that we have garnered a lot of facts, data, figures, and insider insight from the industry that has, fortunately, put us in a rather fortunate position of being able to fully review research and evaluate gambling sites before they’re published in our review sections. What’s more, we take our reputation seriously and we work hard to create useful content that is designed to help you and hopefully entertain you.

Our company HQ is based in Leigh On Sea UK, though some of the team work out in the sunny isle of Malta and in the South West of England, so you could say we’re spread out a bit. But this keeps us diverse and our fingers on the pulse as Malta is one of the biggest iGaming hubs in Europe and is where many online casinos and betting sites conduct their day-to-day operations.

Meet The Team: Our Content Is Written By Experts

Every team member contributes to iGamblingSites.com in a different way each having different interests and skill sets to make our content as informative, concise, and (hopefully!) as fun as it can be.

Get In Touch

We hope you enjoy reading our gambling news articles, casino and betting reviews, and our gambling articles which are there for the purpose of helping you have the best and hopefully successful time gambling online. We always welcome our readers to contact us if there are any comments or feedback you’d like to give us. You can do that via our contact us page, and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Where Are We Based?

Our small team of contributors is pretty much spread out throughout the UK (Devon, Norfolk, and Essex) as well as on the sunny island of Malta. Our main Office and HQ are in Leigh-on-Sea which is a quaint village on the Thames Estuary and a stone’s throw away from London.

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