Esports Betting FAQs

We know that the topic of Esports betting is a huge one and can be quite daunting if you're new to the whole arena. We've tried to keep this Esports betting guide to the point and factual for all readers. However, we've also added some frequently asked questions about esports betting below. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll be savvy enough on the subject to make some esports bets, or if you're already enjoying betting on esports, t we've added some insight into your esports betting diary!

    Is Betting On Esports Legal In The UK? 

    The short answer is yes! Provided the bookmaker has a licence to operate in the UK and offer betting odds on Esports, and that the user is of age and permitted to gamble online, betting on Esports is completely legal in the UK.

    Who Regulates Esports In The UK? 

    What Are The Biggest Esports Events For Betting? 

    Where Can You Follow Esports Matches? 

    Can You Bet On Esports On Mobile And Tablets? 

    Is Esports Betting Like Regular Online Sports Betting?