Independent UK Casino & Slot Sites FAQs

We hope this page about UK independent casinos has helped you understand what an independent casino is and how they differ from sister casinos. Below, we've added some extra points on the topic in the guise of frequently asked questions. These are questions we find other real money casino customers asking, so you're not alone if you're thinking them too!

    Are Independent Casinos Safe & Secure?

    Yes, they are as long as they are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority (or any approved licensing body, for that matter - though the UKGC is regarded as the best). Also, safe, independent casinos use SSL encryption technology on their website so that your personal and financial details are safe and kept locked away from any would-be hackers. The independent, standalone casinos and slot sites that are promoted here on are recommended because they are proven to be safe and legitimate.

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