Daily Must Fall Jackpots FAQs

Find out what others are also asking about Red Tiger's prolific Must Fall Jackpots and Daily Drops Jackpots. No question is too small when it comes to being clear when playing casino games and slots online for real money.

    How Do Must Fall Jackpots Work?

    Must Fall Jackpots are a series of slots that offer jackpot payouts which are tied to a specified length of time or amount of money. The 'Must Fall' element of the Jackpot means that the Jackpot is guaranteed to drop before a specified limit is achieved. Red Tiger runs a couple of different types of daily must-drop jackpots, including a daily Jackpot that must be won before a certain time period every day and also a 10-minute Jackpot which will be triggered every 10 minutes to make things incredibly exciting! There are other types of Must Fall Jackpots, including Mega Drop Jackpots (which do not have a time-sensitive element and is more like a regular progressive jackpot) and Daily Drops, which pay out when a certain jackpot amount is achieved. 

    Which Casinos Are Best For Must Fall Jackpots?

    How Can I Win A Must Fall Jackpot?

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