WowPot! Jackpot Slots FAQS

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the most minor yet significant things about slot games and casinos when raring to go. The following FAQs will help shed light on questions you may not have thought to ask but are glad you read!

    What's The Current Wowpot Jackpot Amount?

    The Wowpot jackpot is constantly growing in real-time because every player playing it at a casino offering it will contribute to the jackpot. This is why the amount is never the same - it grows every minute until it's won, and then it'll start from the £2 million seed to start growing again. To find the current Wowpot jackpot, you can visit the official Wowpot jackpot site to see the real-time ticker. Alternatively, you can find any Wowpot slot at your chosen Microgaming casino, where you'll see the current jackpot displayed either on the game's tile or within the game itself.

    How Will I Receive the Wowpot Jackpot Money?

    Where Can I Play Wowpot Slots?

    How Much Can I Win From Playing Wowpot Slots?

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