Highest RTP% Slots FAQ

In case you're left wondering more about the highest RTP  slots online, our FAQ's dig a little deeper into many of the commonly asked questions about slot games with the highest RTP. These are questions many casino players like you are asking, so you're not the only one!

    What Is A Slots RTP %?

    Understanding the basics of how a slot works is fundamental. There's more to it than picking a pretty game or a theme that you like. 'RTP' stands for Return to Player, which is the number of wins divided by the amount wagered from your play. The closer games RTP  is to 100%, the more you’ll win back - in theory. Make sure you don't confuse this with your game session. This percentage is played out over millions of spins or hands of a game. Do note that it doesn't mean you'll get that % back in your game session. RTP can also be identified as a payout ratio. You’ll frequently hear about the best payout slots like those on this page. This refers to the slots with the highest RTP % which are the ones you want to aim for.

    What's The Difference Between RTP & Slots Variance?

    How Can I Find A Slots RTP %

    What Slots Have The Best RTP %?

    Why Should I Play The Highest RTP % Slots?

    What Does 'House Edge' Mean?