Progressive Jackpot Slot Games FAQs

You've been reading about the biggest and best progressive slot games online, but what about the people winning them? Are progressive jackpots as legit as they claim? Are they worth playing and spending money on? The following FAQs should help you out further in your quest of finding out more information about these special games and where the best and biggest jackpot slots online are hiding!

    Do People Really Win The Mega Multi-Million Jackpots?

    They sure do! Today's casino world is a heavily licensed and regulated place. There's no possibility that you can play progressive slots that are fake/falsely advertised or those that don't have that multi-million jackpot you're looking for. Winner stories are not fake either. Due to licensing, all games (not just progressive jackpot slots) are third parted tested by external companies that are in no way associated with casino operators or game vendors. They remain impartial to do their job. Companies such as eCogra and iTechLabs check every game regularly to ensure the game's payout is fair and square (according to the games stated RTP %) and randomly. All games are built with what's known as a "Random Number Generator" which is what these companies check. RNGs ensure all games payout entirely at random. Games can't be tampered with or rigged - not by casinos' employees or by players with any software. Online casino games are highly sophisticated yet highly regulated - so you know they are fair! This is how you know that you can really with multi-millions playing an online slot game.

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